Braless Smoking

Watch me smoke a cigarette, braless in an unbuttoned top. You might even get a tesing peek at my nipples.

Smoking & Stripping Out of a Blue Dress

Watch me casually smoke a cigarette in an open-blouse blue dress with the pack of cigarettes in my front pocket. I dangle the cigarette between my lips as I read […]

Enjoying a Cigarette with my Coffee

Just a short candid video of me enjoying a cigarette with my coffee at a cafe.  

Jerk Off to My Glittery High Heels

Look at how sexy I am in my 6 inch, glittery gold stilettos with red rhinestone flames. Watch me strip out of a tiny black dress, black bra and black […]

Smoking in Jeans and Panty Tease

Watch me enjoy a cigarette. As I smoke, I unzip my skin-tight jeans to show you my cute little white cotton panties. They look so sexy, especially with my tiny […]

Goth Girl Smoke and Stroke JOI

I know how much of a sucker you are for goth girls. Especially goth girls that smoke. Watch the way my cigarette dangles from between my lips and see the […]

Country Girl Smoking and Upskirt

Watch this country girl smoke a cigarette while sitting on some rocks outside in the nature surrounded by the local wildlife. I give you plenty of casual upskirt views of […]

Smoking Interview

You love to watch me smoke and you had some questions for me about my smoking habits. I answer all of your questions while dangling cigarettes in my short dress, […]

Pink Bra Smoking Selfies

I was getting ready for the day when I just couldn’t resist the urge to smoke. I let the cigarette dangle from my lips in my pretty, pink bra during […]

Smoking Selfies in a Sheer Lace Bra

Let me show you my sexy lace bra while I dangle a slim cigarette letting the ash grow long. Don’t you just love the way the lace looks covering my […]

Smoking Selfies in the Park

I know how much you love to watch me smoke. So, I took some selfies for you so you can watch me enjoy a skinny cigarette. You can see me […]

Windy Schoolgirl Upskirt Smoking

The wind continues to blow and I need a cigarette. Get a nice, up-close view of me lighting my cigarette as it dangles between my lips. Then I walk around […]

Seaside Smoking & Upskirt

Cum join me by the seaside as I smoke cigarettes in a short jean skirt and a thin white top, with no panties or bra. I start out smoking at […]

Smoking While Cooking Dinner

I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner when I start to crave a cigarette. I light one up and let it dangle from between my lips as I continue to cook. […]

Shower Smoking

As I was finishing my shower, I just couldn’t wait to smoke a cigarette. Watch me dangle a cigarette as I dry myself off while wearing glasses.
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